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Alcohol or Drugs Causing Problems In Your Life?

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“Our goal is to help others through care, compassion, and integrity. We subscribe to the highest moral code and are here to help our brothers and sisters.”
-- Alan Erickson, Executive Director

Here is the first fact: Alcohol and other drugs are addictive and can result in death to those who use them, as well as having terrible effects on users’ families, friends, and fellow workers and even strangers.

Reliance or dependence on alcohol and other drugs is a disease. It is not mental illness, but a disease that causes physical symptoms that might be fatal. Further, the use of alcohol and other drugs during pregnancy can be extremely harmful to the baby, when born, and to the mother. In a nutshell, the use of alcohol and other drugs can be devastatingly destructive, or can kill you. This is a fact, not fiction!

Not everyone develops dependence on alcohol and drugs. But, many people have family histories indicating that the disease is genetic in nature. The disease is progressive and the user’s consumption of alcohol/drugs and his or her behavior eventually becomes unpredictable. A pattern of unintended use, increased consumption and unpredictable behavior continues, which is when more and more serious difficulties start to appear. As the alcoholic or addict has more problems with the alcohol and drug use, denial of any problems becomes even stronger. It is not unusual to hear an alcoholic/addict who has lost jobs, friends, family or possessions state that he or she is not an alcoholic or addict.

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